Birthdays. 0.274% of a year that really should be a lot longer...

So we decided to throw you the greatest birthday party ever, where you can be however old you want to be.

We won’t judge when we see your 45 year old DoS slamming down shots of tequila like she’s 18 again, we’ll be joining in. Seasoned finalists will be compelled to roll back the years and dive head first into our ball pit*, that 6th birthday they’ve always dreamed of. We’re even allowing you to harness your inner grandma and show us that when you turn 60, the party’s only just begun…

At Clare May Ball 2017, we hope to make you feel six, sixty and everything above, below and in between, turning your age into an afterthought. And as you leave, you’ll be asking yourself “how old are you anyway?”

*Yes we actually have a ball pit. It's huge.


Thank you for your interest in Clare May Ball 2017. Ticketing for the Ball is now closed.

For more information on the Clare May Ball ticketing process, please refer to our Ticketing Policy.


We’ve said that we’re putting on the greatest birthday party ever, and that means having the craziest and most immersive entertainment for the variety of ages we’re celebrating. We’ve already mentioned our spectacular ball pit that you can jump into to rekindle childhood birthday memories, so you can imagine how spectacularly we’re toasting other ages!

Come to Clare May Ball 2017 to find out what other secrets we have in store; our enormous variety of music, food and drink is sure to make the 19th of June feel like your second birthday from start to finish! We’ll also be announcing our headliners in April, so keep yourself locked to this page; with the likes of Artful Dodger, Professor Green, Pendulum and Faithless having headlined in the past, this year will promise to be more spectacular than ever before…
Here's a sneak peek at our first headliner - Courts


Clare May Ball 2017 is proud to be working alongside:

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“Red Balloon supports young people who self-exclude from school and are missing education because of bullying or other trauma. We provide an academic and therapeutic programme to enable our students to get back on track and reconnect with society.”

more to be announced soon...


To help us throw the greatest birthday party ever, we need proactive, organised and enthusiastic workers that can work with others as well individually. We promise that Clare May Ball 2017 will be the best ball to work at this year!

There is so much to gain from working at a May Ball. Not only will you be well compensated for your efforts, you'll also get to experience the Ball from an entirely different perspective! We also have a few plans to make working at Clare May Ball 2017 a bit more unique than other May Balls so make sure you don't miss out!

Worker Applications are now closed.

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Design Team
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Design Logistics
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