Work at Clare May Ball 2017

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Note: All listed shifts include two 30 minute breaks.

Area Co-ordinator

Area co-ordinators take on a large amount of responsibility for the smooth running of the Ball. Each Area co-ordinator will be assigned a specific zone in the Ball with workers to manage within that area. Must be able to deal with any problems that arise in their area. Experience of management is highly desirable.

Working 6pm-6:30am, £100

Stage Manager

Stage Managers will be responsible for managing the activities of their stage including: delegating jobs to the runners assigned to the stages and ensuring smooth transitions between acts. Experience of stage management is highly desirable.

Working 7pm-5am, £85

Drinks Workers

Drinkers workers be responsible for fixing cocktails and being the fresh face of the ball. You will need to be able to work efficiently throughout the night. Previous experience desirable.

Working 7pm-5:30am, £75

Food Workers

Food workers be responsible for serving our guests delightful food, working alongside the catering firms.

Working 7pm-5:30am, £75

Ents Workers

Ents workers be responsible for running acts from their entry to the ball onwards. Must have good organisational skills and friendly personality. Previous experience desirable.

Working 7pm-5:30am, £75

General Worker

This job involves taking instruction from the managers as well as your own initiative to make sure the event runs according to plan. Variety of duties, including:

Cloakroom duty
Litter picking
Glass washing
Catering assistants
Cover for bartenders at busy points

Working 7pm-6:30am, £82

Head Lugger

The head lugger will take charge of all the set up and clear up workers, instructing them to carry out tasks. You will effectively be another committee member during set up / clear up, and will learn where everything is stored and where it needs to go. Must be extremely organised and good at management. Previous experience highly desired.

Working 9am-6:30pm on Monday and 6am-2pm on Tuesday, £140

Set Up Worker

You will help set up the ball on the Monday, transforming Clare into the Ball\'s magical state. Will involve some heavy lifting. Must not have attended a ball the night before.

Working 9am-6:30pm Monday, £65

Clear Up Worker

You will help with the clear up of the ball, transforming Clare back to its usual state. Must not have attended a ball the night before.

Working 6am-2pm Tuesday, £55